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King Locksmith of Detroit can help you when you have Lost Home Keys and can't get in your home. There are a lot of things that we don't think about and that can cause major inconvenience when they happen. Losing a home key for example is one of those things that will leave you helpless and throw your activities off schedule. One can easily prevent this from happening if they call us and we help them get some spare keys made or install a keyless entry lock.

We offer the following locksmith services in your area:

If you have been living in your home for a while and still use the keys that you inherited from previous owners, you might want to get the keys changed. Our technicians can help you Change Lock Cylinder quickly when you need this service. Getting this service will do a couple of things for you that are very important for your security. One, this will void all the keys that were used before meaning that no one with those keys can still gain access to your home.

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Certified Master Locksmith & Rekeying Services in Detroit

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Two, a changed cylinder comes with a brand new set of keys that quickly and effortlessly open your door. Homeowners who buy pre-owned homes are recommended to Re Key House Locks. The main reason this is important is that if the old keys were shared among family and friends, they could fall on the wrong hands. Such a person could burglarize your house and steal your valuables if they intended to. New keys also give you a peace of mind.